Learn how to read Angel Cards in 28 days by Lindsay Banks

Learn how to read Angel Cards in 28 days

Do you own a pack of angel cards but not sure where to start?
In this basic course I guide you through how to choose a pack, how to use them for yourself and for others.
Having used them for several years they always bring insight and can help as a tool to opening your intuition

What's included?

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Why do I want to learn how to read Angel Cards
2 mins
How do I pick my Angel Cards
2 mins
Video 3-How is using cards beneficial to me?
1 min
Video 4-How do I use my Angel Cards?
3 mins
Video 6- share your cards.mp4
1 min
Example of a reading I did using Angel Cards
18 mins
Reading for others.mp4
39 mins
Thank you and good luck!
1 min
What various symbols and colours mean
12 KB
pay as you feel readings.mp4
47 mins
Links to the packs of cards I use.pdf
76.5 KB