Gentle Hug for the Soul Online Programme

Now is THE perfect time to create a SOLID foundation for your life going forward.  
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Meditation to release fear

This meditation brings in ascended masters to help support you in removing fear from your physical and energy body
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Meditation to meet your spirit guide

In this 10 minute guided meditation you get the chance to meet your spirit guide and ask them 3 questions!
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Meditation to release anger

If you are feeling angry then try this meditation to release and transmute the energy
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Twitter for Spiritual Businesses

In this module you can learn how to use Twitter to your advantage, getting your story out into the world and sharing words of inspiration
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Reiki Level 1

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Speak your Truth Group Coaching

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Meditation for transmuting dark energies

When you are not feeling in a great space it can be useful to meditate and transmute those darker energies that may be around you
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Full Moon Ritual

Your simple How To guide for working with the Full Moon.  Once you have learnt this it creates a foundation for every other Full Moon
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9 Things you need to Know about your spiritual awakening

Going through a spiritual awakening can be tough! Here are 9 things you need to know to help you through it
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Learn how to read Angel Cards in 28 days

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How to perform a New Moon ritual

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Grounding and protecting your energy

Learning how to ground and protect your energies is the BEST thing I ever learnt to do and now you can too!
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Womb Healing meditation

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